the worset way to walk on the red carpet…

I am sudanese and i was born there,but when i was 2 years old we moved 2 KSA (Kingdoom Of Saudi Arabia),and i lived there for 13 years!!.
it’s not the heaven but i used to love my life there because of the people.
I have some of my familey living there and dont even ask about my FRIENDS!!
in 2008, we had to move to Bahrain,where the suffering started!
the hardest part of the whole moveing thing is the fact that i might not be able 2 see my friends again…,which is really happening.
After coming 2 bahrain from  a long amazing summer holiday in Sudan my mother country,I had to  go to school!!
after like,1 week of looking for a good school, i ended up in the “x” school.
the school was like my worset nightmare,it looks good or actually very good but i mean my situation there.
A very different Community from the one i used to live in..
Am the only not bahraini girl in school and the people looked very weird too.
anyways,i entered the class and the math teacher was teaching (you can imagen how miserable the whole thing is , when the first class you attend is math 😛 !),and once she saw me she stopped talking and 25 other girls were staring at me like i am an Alien.
I was a littel bit scared but i thoght that it’s better to just ignor them.
after that,the teacher i came in with,Ms.Rana, introduced me then i went to my table.
the class after it we had science and we went to the lab,and when the class finished and we went back to class , i was in the biggest shock in my life !!
the girls from the 3 other 3ed intermediate grade classes and other classes starting the first grade were standing in a circle and waiting for me to come to see me.
it makes you feel like you are walking on the red carpet , but it’s waaaay worse than that.

Well,I think i Have to stop here for now and continue later

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